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Haitao Wu

Haitao Wu Haitao Wu

Staff Scientist. Imaging Probe Development Center, National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, National Institutes of Health, USA.


Haitao Wu, PhD is a chemist and radiochemist. He graduated in chemistry major from Lanzhou University with Bachelor’s degree, and from Peking University with Master’s degree in China and PhD degree from Auburn University in USA in 2001. He has studied coordination chemistry in The Chinese University of Hong Kong for two years. After graduation he pursued his postdoctoral studies at Brookhaven National Laboratory in the fields of cancer radiotherapy and neuroimaging in Dr. Joanna Fowler’s group before he joined the new Imaging Probe Development Center as part of NIH Roadmap for Medical Research in 2006. He currently serves as a Staff Scientist at Imaging Probe Development Center. He has published about three dozens of peer-reviewed papers, several patents and numerous conference abstracts.

Research Interest

His major research interests include the synthesis of coordination polymers, cancer treatment agents and developments of various imaging probes and radiotherapy agents for medical imaging and therapy study.

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