Yimu Yang

Yimu Yang Yimu Yang
Research instructor, Pulmonary medicine, University of Colorado Health Science Center, USA.


I am Yimu Yang (MD, PhD), working for Division of Pulmonary Science and Critical Care Medicine of University of Colorado. I obtained my physiological PhD from Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine in Japan in 1998. After I accomplished my two years duty as an assistant professor in 2001, I went to University of Tennessee Medical School in Memphis as a postdoctoral trainee. In 2008, I got new offer as instructor in the University until now. I have been interested in the function of endothelial glycocalyx, especially in pulmonary endothelium. In the past five years, I established an unique method to measure pulmonary endothelial glycocalyx. The method lets us to measure glycocalyx dynamically in live mice, and open new door to track dynamical change when mice are challenged with infective agents which cause lung injury. My projects I am involving in are septic organ injury (lung, kidney and brain) and glycocalyx function.

Research Interest

Clinical diversity and life environment in Alzheimer’s disease -Urine-concentrating mechanism and the role of water channels in fluid balance -Mechanism of calcification in human valves -Aortic endothelial injury and local hemodynamic forces -Mechanism of acute lung injury and function of glycocalyx


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