Xiaolan Fang

Xiaolan Fang
Biocurator, Molecular Diagnostics, New York Genome Center, USA


Dr. Xiaolan Fang is a biocurator in Molecular Diagnostics at New York Genome Center. She completed her PhD at University of Virginia and has previously worked as a research fellow in Cancer Biology at Wake Forest University School of Medicine. She now works primarily in molecular and clinical diagnostic analysis based on next generation sequencing (WGS, WES and Panel) in patients, especially in cancer patients. Her research interests focus on genomic variants and related biological mechanisms, and their effects on disease initiation, progression, response to specific drugs/therapies, and resistance to available treatments. She has analyzed tumor samples from more than 30 types of cancers and is actively looking for molecular basis/targeting methods that is beyond organ or cancer origin.

Research Interest

cancer, molecular diagnostic, metastasis, drug resistance, NGS, WGS, genomic variant, precise medicine.