Thomas W. Chamberlain

Thomas W. Chamberlain Thomas W. Chamberlain
University Academic Fellow in Nanotechnology for Catalysis, School of Chemistry, University of Leeds, UK.


Thomas W. Chamberlain graduated with a first class MSci in Chemistry in 2005 before studying a PhD in the synthesis of novel functional fullerene molecules and the subsequent formation of fullerene/carbon nanotube hybrid structures, 2009, both at the University of Nottingham. He then joined the Nottingham Nanocarbon group as a post-doctoral research associate on an ESF project using supramolecular forces, such as van der Waals, to organise molecules in 1D and 2D arrays utilising carbon nanotubes as quasi 1D templates. He then worked on an ERC grant developing carbon nanotubes as catalytic nanoreactors for the formation of novel molecular and nanostructured products.

Research Interest

His research interests are concentrated on the bespoke fabrication of heterogeneous catalysts. To achieve this he utilises carbon nanomaterials and the fundamental understanding he has gathered about their structure and properties to create composite materials with metal and inorganic species. Utilising a combination of electron microscopy, spectroscopy and electrochemistry. He is interested in both investigating the fundamental interactions of carbon with other elements and the functional electrical and catalytic properties of carbon nanostructure supported metal composites.