Sangeetha Thangaswamy

Sangeetha Thangaswamy
Associate (Junior Faculty) Department of Pathology, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, NY


Sangeetha Thangaswamy has completed her Ph.D. in cardiovascular pharmacology from Department of Biotechnology, Sastra University, Tanjore, India and postdoctoral studies in Texas A&M University. She is a Research Associate in Department of Pathology, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, New York. Dr. Thangaswamy has published her research in reputed International Journals and filed one patent. Her research interest is focusing on vascular dysfunction in artery, vein and lymphatic system and design pharmacologically active natural substances to rescue blood disorders especially sickle cell diseases.

Research Interest

Her research interest is mainly focusing on alteration of microvascular bed by inflammatory mediators released during inflammation and any stress condition. Under normal condition endothelial cells in the microcirculatory system regulate blood/lymph flow, fluidity, vessel wall permeability and interaction of the blood and immune cells. Sickle cell disease (SCD) is a blood disorders and much of the inflammatory responses elicited in SCD are caused by hypoxia reperfusion injury that results endothelial activation. Endothelial dysfunction is an important hallmark during inflammatory conditions in SCD patients. Several therapies have been used to reduce oxidative mediated damage in endothelial cells. My research interest is primarily focused on design and evaluates pharmacological effect of different antioxidant, anti- inflammatory and anti-sickling molecules in sickle cell disease. Currently she is working on role of tryptophan catabolism and its metabolites in endothelial cells for the regulation of immune cells in the lymphatic systems.