Saad Farouk Mohamed Hussien

Saad Farouk Mohamed Hussien
Agricultural Botany Department, Faculty of Agriculture, Mansoura University, Egypt


Ph.D in Agricultural Sciences (Agric. Botany Dept.) from Mansoura University in 31/10/ 2005. Thesis title (RESPONSE OF PISUM SATIVUM L. TO SOME OSMOREGULATORS AND PLANT GROWTH SUBSTANCES UNDER SALT STRESS) under the supervision of Prof. Dr. A. Abo EL-Kheer ; Prof Dr. Mohb T. Sakr and Prof. Dr. Mahmoud A. Khafagy. M.Sc in Agricultural Science (Agric. Botany Department) from Mansoura University (Faculty of Agriculture) in 22/5/2000. Thesis title ( STRUCTURAL, PHYSIOLOGICAL AND OIL CONSTUTIENTS OF CANOLA PLANTS UNDER SALINITY CONDITION ) under the supervision of Prof. Dr. M.S. EL-Hadidi; Prof. Dr. A. Abo EL-Kheer and Prof Dr. Mohb T. Sakr. B.Sc in Agricultural Science (Horticulture Section) from Mansoura University (Faculty of Agriculture) with final grade Very Good IN June, 18/7/1994 and I?m the first one on my colleges

Research Interest

1)Environmental stress physiology 2- Coping with environmental stresses by some osmoregulators, plant growth substances and antioxidants. 3- Hydroponics ?sand culture? and plant growth. 4- The role of natural chelating on Alleviating Heavy metals (Cadmium) stress. 5- Physiology of seed germination. 6- Plant nutrition with nutrients, biostimulants and effective microbes. 7- Sustainable/integrated vegetable diseases in congenital system by elicitors and vitamins. 8- Plant?Animal interactions, focusing on chemical defense mechanisms in plants.