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Rahul A.Hajare

Rahul A.Hajare
Associate Professor- Laboratory Scientist Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry Rajgad Dnyanpeeth's College of Pharmacy Bhor, Pune, India


Mr. Rahul Hajare has completed his PhD from Vinayaka Missions University. He is a Post-Doctoral Fellow, 2013 (7 th Batch) Indian Council of Medical Research New Delhi, achieved under the guidance and supervision of Renowned Scientist Dr. Ramesh Paranjape, Former Director and Scientist ?G? National AIDS Research Institute, India. Primary area of research was study and model of binding energy complexes determination, characterized and examined selected new series of resistance mutation and noted changes in interaction between target compound and HIV-1 mutant. Notable work in the area includes identification and characterization of small molecules and development of model speeds drug discovery and development a series of novel, scaffold on a molecular recognition of HIV-1 inhibitors were synthesized using a parallel synthesis unit processes technology. Joined the R & D, Aarti Drugs Limited Mumbai, initial work established the modernization of Analytical Laboratory and R& D laboratory. The role also involves generation of funds through intra- and extra-mural projects, capacity building through infra-structure development and training and overall leadership for the academic industry. He has close linkage between National AIDS Research Institute, ICMR, ACS, AAPS, IUPAC, ChABSA, Biomaterial Society, OMICS International, Fragment-based Drug Discovery, Autism Researchers Link, Allied academies, BIT?s and my current research. He has published more than 60 papers in reputed journals and has been serving as an editorial board member of repute.

Research Interest

HIV Drug Technology: ? Biological Development ? Immunology ? Vaccine ? Molecular recognition of novel HIV-1 inhibitors ? Protein Chemistry ? Model speeds drug discovery Medicinal Chemistry: ? Drug Discovery ? Computer chemistry ? Molecular modelling ? Drug Design ? Synthesis, characterization and quantitative structure-activity relationship (QSAR) ? Binding Energy ? Thermodynamics ? Physical Chemistry ? Process technology ? Bioscience