Research Assistant Professor Chapman University and UCI, Irvine.


Dr. Rajasekharredy Pala is a Nano biotechnologist specialized in the synthesis of various metal and metal oxide nanoparticles with their application as drug delivery agents to the primary cilia. After his post-graduation he was selected for ICMR-Senior Research Fellowship under Biomedical Sciences in 2011 and during this period of his doctoral studies at CSIR-Indian Institute of Chemical Technology, India, he has earned handsome experience on the physical and chemical characterizations techniques of nanoparticles that are enveloped with various biologically active compounds such as protein, lipids and small molecular drugs for their biomedical applications. Dr. Pala working as a research associate in Chapman University and University of California Irvine from 2015.

Research Interest

Synthesis of various nanodrug delivery systems, Clinical pharmacology, reactive oxygen species, Targeted drug delivery, cilia targeted therapy, Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of nanoparticle loaded drugs, Pharmacology of nanoparticles, toxicology of nanomaterials in in vivo.

Global Experts in the subject

Adil Mehraj Khan Bibhas Kar CD Tripathi Evan C Meszaros James H Black III Jayanthi Abraham Jayasindu Mathiyazhagan Jindal Alka Mohamed Ashraf Ali Muthukrishnan Renganathan Pei Xu Priya Tripathi Shibali Das Subrata Majumdar Suchandra Bhattacharyya Majumdar Surajit Bhattacharjee