Associate Professor, University Lyon, France


Dr. Plamen KIRILOV Associate Professor University Lyon 1, EA4169 ?Fundamental, clinical and therapeutic aspects of the skin barrier function?, SFR Lyon-Est Santé ? INSERM US 7 ? CNRS UMS 3453 Laboratory of industrial pharmaceutical technologies 8 avenue Rockefeller F-69373 Lyon Cedex 08 tel : +33 (0) 4 78 77 71 13 e-mail : [email protected] Fields of research and expertise:Semisolid forms, dispersions, rheology of complex systems Research activities:Human and veterinary pharmaceutical technology. Formulation and physicochemical characterization of semi-solid forms (organogels, oleogels, hydrogels ...) and dispersed systems (semi-solids dispersions, emulsions ...) for cosmetic purposes, dermo-cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and therapeutics.

Research Interest

Semisolid forms, dispersions, rheology of complex systems