Pengcheng Han

Pengcheng Han
Research Assistant Professor,St Joseph Hospital and Medical Center,Dignity Health Medical Group,Phoenix


Cell cultures and live tissue slice preparation of hippocampus, brain stem and spinal cord. Patch clamp and extracellular electrophysiology including whole cell, single channel recordings and LTP. Confocal microscopy living imaging Virus based genetic transfection, vector design, clone and subclone, shRNA interference, q-PCR, protein based assay, quantitative histochemistry. Mitochondrial function assay Memory and motor behavioral assay Molecular and ion channel target in Alzheimer?s animal model Statistic analysis using R.

Research Interest

Alzheimer?s disease, neurodegenerative diseases, spinal cord inflammation Mechanisms of neurodegeneration, secondary neural injury, and neuroprotection Pathophysiology of neuropeptide (i.e. PACAP) and neurotransmitter(i.e. dopamine) ion channels, synapse, mitochondria