Naser Ebadati

Naser Ebadati
Department of Environmental Geology, Islamic Azad University, Iran


Dr. Ebadati is a Ph.D. in geosciences and master's degree in tectonic and a Ph.D. in structural geology of Islamic Azad University at 1997. And then he worked in the field of geology, engineering with the activities in the projects geotechnical and its development Continued. Simultaneously with studying in the environmental geology and crisis management in cooperation with consular, obtaining, and worked as a university faculty member teaching and educational affairs. the University Research committee in Islamic Azad university, environmental geology, engineering geology and hydrology coat. and numerous book and articles published in the field of geology, hydrology, environment, and as the official expert qualifications of Justice in matters of water cooperation and he is environmental education Association Vice president, and director of the environment and geology Research Center and head of the Iranian Journal of environmental geology. is so far the master and PhD course students for geology and the environment has been responsible for more than 10 at university and 8 fields national management project.

Research Interest

Underground Water, Geology, Tectonics, Structural Geology, Engineering Geology, Environmental Geology, Neotectonics