Mohamed Shehata

Mohamed Shehata
Faculty of Medicine, University of Cologne, Cologne, Germany


Dr. med. Shehata is a medical researcher (clinical and molecular). He received his medical degree (MBBCh) from Cairo university in 2005, followed by a three years master degree in basic medical sciences (2007-2010) including medical biochemistry, molecular biology, microbiology and immunology. He worked as a clinician in the fields of stem cells transplantation and cardiology before he came to Germany to focus on molecular and translational medicine. In Hanover medical school, he received an adequate research training on the polarity disturbance of renal epithelial cells in polycystic kidney disease, followed by obtaining his MD degree in cellular cryopreservation from the university of Cologne, applying two different cellular cryopreservation techniques and performing cellular biology experiments. Dr. Shehata developed a considerable number of innovative ideas in the fields of solid organ transplantation and translational medicine. Currently, he works as a clinician in Germany and has more than 35 international publications in highly reputed peer reviewed medical journals, in addition to 2 academic medical books and 4 medical patents.

Research Interest

Clinical Medicine and Surgery