Mingjie Chen

Mingjie Chen
Water Research Center, Sultan Qaboos University, OMAN


Dr. Mingjie Chen holds a B.E. in Environmental Engineering (1997) from Tsinghua University (China), a M.Sc. in Environmental Sciences (2000) from Peking University (China) and a Ph.D degree in Environmental Sciences (2005) from University of California, Santa Barbara (USA). After over 10 years of research experiences in prestigious institutions (Los Alamos National Laboratory, Tufts University, and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory) in USA, Dr. Chen joined Water Research Center, Sultan Qaboos University (Oman) in 2014 as a senior hydrogeologist. His research focuses on using field data, laboratory experiment and numerical models to study fluid flow and contaminant transport in subsurface area. He has conducted more than 20 research projects on underground environment remediation, hydrocarbon reservoirs, CO2 utilization and sequestration, geothermal reservoir, groundwater modeling and management. Dr. Chen serves as the Associate Editor for Hydrogeology Journal (official journal of International Association of Hydrogeologists), and Arabian Journal of Geosciences (focused on Middle East and North Africa area)

Research Interest

Coastal aquifers, Multiphase flow, Reactive transport, Water resources management, Underground hydrocarbon and geothermal reservoirs, as well as water quality monitoring and water treatment. Develop and apply laboratory experiments, numerical approaches, and high performance computing to study fluids/heat flow and reactive transport in heterogeneous subsurface area.