M Jahangir Alam

M Jahangir Alam
Department of Pharmacy, University of Houston College of Pharmacy / Texas Medical Center, USA.


Post-doctorate_Texas A&M (Texas AgriLife Research), Kansas State (Diagnostic Medicine and Pathobiology at College of Veterinary Medicine / Entomology) and Okayama (Pharmaceutical Sciences) Universities; PhD (Microbiology / Biopharmaceutical Science)_Okayama University, Japan; MS / BS Honours (Microbiology / Biochemistry / Biology)_University of Dhaka / ICDDR,B.

Research Interest

Applied and environmental microbiology, Diagnostic medicine and pathobiology, Microbial source tracking, Pathogenic microbiology/virology, Vector microbe interaction, Food and water safety microbiology, Drug resistance, Biofilm, Health and hygiene, Disease prevention and control, Pathogen survival and transmission, Microbial ecology, Zoonosis, Nosocomial infections, Method development, etc.