Karim Sorkheh

Karim Sorkheh
Department of Plant Breeding, Shahid Chamran University of Ahvaz, Iran


Karim Sorkheh was born and raised in small city of ?Ahvaz?, ?Ahvaz? city in the south west of Iran. After finishing high school in Ahvaz he took part in the central university entrance exam and was accepted in 1995 to the University of ?Shahid Chamran Ahvaz? to study Agronomy and Plant Breeding. He took part in central exam for MS.c degree in plant breeding upon finishing undergraduate studies and was accepted as the best student (first rank) in the University of ?Shahrekord? in 2006. His research was to study the genetic diversity of wild species (Amygdalus spp.) and cultivated genotypes of Almond using AFLP molecular marker and some morphological characteristics. Obtaining his MSc led to a job at the Department of Agronomy and Plant Breeding at the University of ?Ahwaz? and ?Shahrekord? as a lecture. He taught the principle of genetics, Biology, Application of molecular marker in plant breeding and use of techniques in biotechnology for BB.s, MS.c and PhD students and carried out some research projects. Karim Sorkheh holds a first degree in Plant Breeding science from the university of Shahr-e-Kord, Iran, and go ahead his education in application of molecular markers in fruit breeding(Almond, Peach) and biotechnology. He continue his work Prunus species crops and application of molecular markers in almond breeding. He collaborates with universities and institutions in the USA, Spain, Germany, Iran and France.

Research Interest

Molecular markers Gene cloning and transformation Gene silencing Gene expression of antioxidant enzymes under abiotic stress Find coding and non-coding regions (C1, Phospholipase, C2 and etc.) in pollen tube growth in Prunus species Ascorbate-gluthation path way and molecular induction some key antioxidant and various metabolite under abiotic stress Basic RNases, SFB, S-haplotype and F-Box genes in Prunus species