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Jose Moises Laparra Llopis

Jose Moises Laparra Llopis Jose Moises Laparra Llopis
Research Unit Director, Molecular Immunonutrition, IMDEA food, Madrid Institute for advanced studies in power (IMDEA food), Spain


In 1998, Dr. Moises graduated in Pharmacy and the nutritional deficiencies centered his thesis of degree. In 2002, He started the IATA-CSIC studies on food safety for the defense of his doctoral thesis which obtained the Outstanding "Cum Laude" rating. In 2005, he won a public contract at the University of Valencia to contribute to the study of the effect of different functional ingredients on gastrointestinal health. In 2006 he participated in the "Fulbright" program of research excellence with a postdoctoral stay at Cornell University (NY, USA). The use of functional foods in strategies of nutritional intervention in metabolic and immunological disorders motivated his incorporation in the Group of Microbial Ecophysiology, Nutrition and Health of IATA-CSIC. So far he have enjoyed pre-competitive contracts (Juan de la Cierva "and training of doctors) financed by the MICINN and CSIC expanding my international experience with stays in centers of recognized prestige. In 2014 he joined the medical center at the Johannes-Gutenberg Univ. (Germany) as a scientific researcher and apply nutritional strategies to the clinical-therapeutic field. In 2015 he enjoyed a brief contract at UP-Valencia. The experience gained has allowed him to participate in national and international projects of the FP7 and H2020 programs. In 2016 he joined as Academic Director of the Master's Degree in Nutrition at the International University of Valencia, while serving as Scientific Director of the Immunonutrition and Health group. The scientific progress in his career has motivated him to join the Madrid Institute of Advanced Studies in Food (IMDEA Alimentación) as a senior researcher and responsible for the area of ??immunonutrition within the precision nutrition program in cancer. The main lines of research are centered on the health, metabolic and immune, of the enterohepatic axis and the development of hepatocarcinoma.

Research Interest

In his research trajectory within the national scope he has recognized two triennies of research for the professional work developed in the CSIC, University of Valencia and Polytechnic University of Valencia. The various scientific publications he has produced have received a total of 1077 citations with an average of 130 citations / year (2010-14). His publications include a total of 67 documents (> 1200 citations, 85 citations / year), with a high proportion of articles published in Q1 as first author, correspondent or senior. This scientific production allows the calculation of an index h = 17. His research has been accompanied by an active involvement in teaching functions and the co-direction of doctoral theses, master's and bachelor's degrees, EMBO fellow postdoctoral projects. In particular, it is important to highlight the work done at Cornell Univ. Within the "honour thesis" program in co-direction with Dr Dennis Miller who was awarded the 2nd National Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) in the USA . The relevance of his contributions is supported by its use by the Irish (FSAI) and European (EFSA) national authority (AESAN) to establish its recommendations on food safety.