James Clark Osborne

James Clark Osborne James Clark Osborne
Director, Center for Biomarker Research, Keck Graduate Institute, USA.


Jim Osborne obtained his PhD in Biochemistry from the University of Maryland Medical School. He has a broad background in protein, nucleic acid and lipoprotein biochemistry and has worked at NIH for 12 years and in the diagnostic industry for 25 years at Beckman Coulter, Inc. During his tenure in industry, Jim directed research, development and commercialization of a new analytical ultracentrifuge, applications and attachments for robotic workstations, capillary electrophoresis instruments, DNA synthesis and sequencing systems, DNA and Immunoassay multiplex arrays, as well as numerous reagent kits for diagnostic testing. Jim retired as Corporate Vice President of Advanced Technology in 2010 and founded the Center for Biomarker Research (CBR) at Keck Graduate Institute. CBR is investigating the use of biomarker panels to better diagnose disease and stratify patient populations with rare and neglected diseases, and is currently focusing on Behcet’s Disease, an autoimmune disorder.

Research Interest

Protein biophysical chemistry: Evaluation of the structure and function of proteins and enzymes with particular emphasis on the transport, metabolism, and receptor mediated uptake of the triglyceride, cholesterol and apolipoprotein components of plasma lipoproteins. Automation of DNA probe research and diagnostic applications emphasizing capillary electrophoresis, robotics, and solution and solid phase chemistry and biochemistry.


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