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Indre Valiulyte

Indre Valiulyte
Department of Neurooncology and genetics, Neuroscience Institute, Lithuanian University of health sciences, Lithuania


Indr? Valiulyt? was born in Lithuania in 1991 and has been studying Biochemistry since 2010 and graduated from Vytautas Magnus University in 2014 (Bachelor degree) and in 2016 (Master degree). Now she is a first year PhD student at Lithuanian University of health sciences (LUHS). Since 2013 to 2016 Indr? Valiulyt? was working as laboratory assistant and since 2016 until now she is a junior researcher in LUHS Neuroscience institute, laboratory of Neurooncology and genetics. In addition, she is a member of Lithuanian Biochemistry society, was honored with the higher school students' award for her scientific work ?A study of NDRG2 and STAT3 promoter methylation and expression for the identification of molecular markers in pituitary adenoma?, has published four articles and participated in eleven international conferences. Her professional interests focus on research on new molecular markers and etiopathogenesis of rare CNS diseases for optimization of diagnosing, prognosing and treatment, Isolation, cultivation and identification of glioma tumour stem cells and Research on epigenetic alterations (DNA methylation, miRNAs) of genes associated with oncogenesis, invasion and resistance to therapy of glioblastoma, Research on association between gene epigenetic alterations and gene expression (at mRNA and protein level) in glioblastoma tissue.

Research Interest

New Molecular Markers and etiopathogenesis of rare CNS diseases, Isolation, Cultivation and Identification of glioma tumour stem cells, Research on epigenetic alterations.