Hyeon Gyu Lee

Hyeon Gyu Lee Hyeon Gyu Lee
Professor, Department of Food & Nutrition, Hanyang University, Korea


Professor Lee teaches Food and Nutrition at the College of Human Ecology of Hanyang University. He received his B.A. (1986) from Seoul National University, M.S. (1991) in Food Science from the University of Rhode Island, and Ph.D. (1994) in Food Science from North Carolina State University. Before joining the Hanyang faculty in 1999, Professor Lee was a faculty member of Hoseo University as an associate professor. Professor Lee has taught various courses such as Food Processing and Preservation, the Development of Functional Food, Carbohydrate Chemistry, Food Enzyme, and Food Protein. He has also authored more than 100 articles in leading academic journals such as Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, Food Hydrocolloids, and Food Chemistry. His research interests include the development of functional food materials using food processing technology and their application.

Research Interest

Biopolymer; Encapsulation; Nano delivery system; Antioxidants; Functional food; Bioavailability; in vitro digestion