Helena Jenzer

Helena Jenzer
Professor, Reader and Head R&D Nutrition & Dietetics, Bern University of Applied Sciences, Switzerland


Dr. Helena Jenzer obtained degrees as a pharmacist from the Swiss Confederation in 1984, as doctor of pharmacy from the University of Bern in 1987, and as hospital pharmacist from FPH (Foederatio Pharmaceutica Helvetiae) in 2001. She is experienced from more than 25 years of practice in leading positions of hospital pharmacies, such as deputy chief-pharmacist at Bern University Hospital Inselspital, chief-pharmacist in a cantonal teaching hospital at Fribourg, qualified person and head of manufacturing, analytical, and quality assurance units. Having performed research projects in parallel to daily business all through her career, from 2011 on, she became full-time reader and researcher in nutrition and dietetics at Bern University of Applied Sciences, trying to face challenges in clinical nutrition arising from the overlapping areas of pharmacy, medicine and biochemistry.

Research Interest

• biochemical and pathobiochemical pathways involving reactive oxygen derivatives, including thyroid hormone biosynthesis, inflammation and metabolic syndrome, wound healing and angiogenesis • personalized clinical nutrition and nutrition medicine, including nutrigenomics, CYP450-isoenzymes and food-drug-interactions • parenteral nutrition, including compounding • micronutrients and nutraceuticals • malnutrition • clinical nutrition support, including clinical decision support systems in clinical nutrition • texture adaption for patients suffering from swallowing diseases


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