Hayder Al-Domi

Hayder Al-Domi
Associate Professor, Department of Nutrition and Food Technology, The University of Jordan, Jordan


Dr. Hayder Al-Domi has been an associate Professor of nutrition and dietetics since 2006. He conducted his PhD and MSc in the University of Western Sydney, Australia where he subsequently worked as a lecturer. Co-author and author of three books and more than 20 scientific articles, and participated in more than 20 conferences locally and internationally. In addition to dietetics, human nutrition, diet and health, obesity biomarkers, the Principal research efforts of Hayder are identification and characterization of novel diabetogenic dietary proteins, and immune events indicative of cellular responses following changes in body composition. Hayder has thirty years experience; 17 years international and thirteen years national experience. Of them, nine years tertiary education and twelve years administration and leadership experience. Won Distinguished Researcher Award; the University of Jordan and Won Research Award. Recipient of service commendation letters, and listed on the University Honors List as an undergraduate student.

Research Interest

Dietetics, Human nutrition, Diet and health, Obesity Biomarkers, Diabetogenic Dietary Proteins.


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