Haiyan Xu

Haiyan Xu
Professor Department of Urinary Surgery, Third Affliated Hospital of Soochow University, China.


Haiyan Xu has devoted herself on relative study of kidney transplantation, including rejection, opportunistic viral infection and induction of immune tolerance since she got PhD in 2005. Taking B cell activating factor (BAFF) as the research breakthrough point, she found BAFF signaling system involved in the progression of renal allograft rejection and blockade of BAFF signaling should become the potential anti-rejection options; BAFF signaling crosstalk with HCMV/TLR9 in renal transplantation, which would decrease the long-term outcome of renal allografts; mouse DC induced by liver X receptor agonist (T-tDCs) show promising immunosuppressive effect, its mechanism should differ from natural tolerance DC, and T-tDCs express moderate/ high level of CCR7 which is the most interesting.

Research Interest

Clinical Immunolgy, Transplantation Immunology,kidney transplantation,including rejection,opportunistic viral infection and induction of immune tolerance.