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Dr. Terry Yoshizumi

Dr. Terry Yoshizumi Dr. Terry Yoshizumi
Professor- Radiology/Radiation Oncology Director- Duke Radiation Dosimetry Laboratory/OESO Radiation Safety Division Graduate Program- Medical Radiation Physics and Protection


I serve as Head of the Health Physics Group at Duke University and serve as Duke Radiation Safety Officer for both Duke Medical Center and academic campus. The group consists of clinical unit (Radiation Safety Office), academic unit (Health Physics Graduate Program), and research unit (Duke Radiation Dosimetry Laboratory, DRDL). I also lead the North Carolina Radiation Protection Consortium which is an academic consortium consisting of Duke University, North Carolina State University, UNC Chapel Hill, and North Carolina Central University. As Director of DRDL, I bring my expertise in external dosimetry to the medical and small animal dosimetry research. DRDL supports medical radiation dosimetry, small animal dosimetry, computational dosimetry modeling, and engages in the development of nano particle radiation detector technology. DRDL is recognized as a leading CT dosimetry and small animal dosimetry laboratory in the world. DRDL has been supported by Radiation Countermeasure Center Grant (NIAID/NIH), Nuclear Education Grant and Health Physics Fellowship Grant (NRC), Radiation Biology Grant (NASA), DOE Health Physics Fellowship Grant, various industry grants and contracts. I have published over 120 papers and have over 245 presentations including 15 award winning conference papers in radiation dosimetry. At the professional level, I served as President of the Medical Health Physics Section of the Health Physics Society and Board of Directors of the Health Physics Society. I was elected Fellow in 2011 by the American Association of Physicists in Medicine.

Research Interest

His main topics of research are in the field of radiation dosimetry in medical imaging, radiation therapy and health physics.