Dr. Sameh Soliman Mahmoud Soliman

Dr. Sameh Soliman Mahmoud Soliman
Assistant Professor, Department of Medicinal Chemistry, University of Sharjah,UAE


I got my Bachelor and Master degrees in pharmaceutical sciences. I received my PhD from University of Guelph in chemical ecology of natural products and its role in host-microbe interaction. Then I did a Postdoctoral fellowship in mycotoxin manipulation and detoxification at Canadian Federal labs followed by another one at UCLA in Chemical and biomolecular engineering of natural products. At UCLA medical School I was able to get training and experience in infectious diseases, pathogenesis mechanisms and possible ways in diagnosis and treatment. My research interest can be categorized as of two major subjects; Natural Products as potential medicines and Microbial Products either as toxins or medicines. For > 15 years, I got extensive training experience in natural products either from plants or microbes including their chemical ecology and their role in nature. Microbial products can be virulent such as toxins and can be beneficial. Beneficial microbial products can include medicinal products, protein or engineered products and antigens.

Research Interest

1)Discovery of novel pharmaceutical products that can be developed to novel drugs in particular anticancer and antimicrobial. 2) Elucidating the natural products biosynthetic pathways for either understanding their importance in its original host or using its backbone for developing effective medicines. 3) Chemical and biomolecular engineering of semi-natural products including vaccines and antibodies.