Dr. Richard Sadig

Dr. Richard Sadig
Faculty of Medicine, University of Notre Dame, Sydney, Australia.


Richard has completed an honours degree in Pharmacy from the University of Sydney where his research focused on drug discovery, drug design and enzyme targeted therapy. Since then he has completed a postgraduate degree in Medicine and Surgery at the University of Notre Dame, Australia, where he has chosen diabetes as his area of interest (for his population health project) to assess whether culturally appropriate preventative measures aimed at local populations in New South Wales could improve diabetes related outcomes. This systematic review was published and presented at the 19th Diabetes Asia Pacific Conference in Melbourne, Australia. Its recommendations were forwarded and considered by the respective Liverpool and Fairfield City Councils with the intention of mitigating the diabetes epidemic in Western Sydney. Richard has recently been appointed a clinical medical officer at St George Hospital, Public in Sydney, Australia and is interested in the overlap between diabetes and ophthalmic disease such as diabetic retinopathy.

Research Interest

Reducing diabetes burden in New South Wales, Australia via culturally appropriate strategies. The potential relationship between the microbiota profile and autoimmune conditions such as diabetes, psoriasis and rheumatoid arthritis. Ophthalmology and Diabetes.