Dr. Qing Shu

Dr. Qing Shu Dr. Qing Shu
School of Metallurgy and Chemical Engineering, Jiangxi University of Science and Technology, China


Shu Qing, Doctor of Engineering, Associate professor, Graduate tutor, Editorial Board member of the Journal ?Science International?, Qingjiang top-notch talent of Jiangxi University of Science and Technology. The main research lies in the catalytic reaction engineering, reactor design and separation engineering, over the years has engaged in the studies of the process and technology that related to the solid acid catalytic synthesis of biodiesel from waste oil, rich knowledge and experience have accumulated in the preparation, characterization and application of carbon based solid acid catalyst material, correlated catalytic reaction kinetics and the process coupling of reaction and separation. More than 30 papers have been published in famous domestic and foreign energy chemical SCI journals. Among of these journals, 2 papers with impact factor above 5.0, 5 papers with impact factor above 3.0. These papers have been cited by Bioresource Technology (IF =4.75), Carbon (IF =5.868), Renewable ? Sustainable Energy Reviews (IF =5.627), Green Chemistry (IF =6.828) and other international famous chemistry SCI journal for more than 1000 times.

Research Interest

Catalytic Reaction Engineering, Functional Nanomaterials, Resources and Environmental Chemistry