Dr. Qiming Duan

Dr. Qiming Duan
University of California San Francisco, San Francisco, USA


With 8 years of experience in cardiovascular research, I gained expertise in the area of heart attack and heart failure. As one of the leading group studying epigenetics in cardiovascular research, we are using cutting-edge sequencing techniques, transgenic mouse models, gene-editing technologies, imaging systems and molecular tools to illuminate the gene expression changes and epigenetic regulations leading to diseases progression. We team up with top chemical biologists to develop small molecules to target the key master regulator of gene expression for treating cardiovascular diseases due to excessive mechanical stresses, neurohormonal stimuli, or genetic disorders.

Research Interest

1. To reveal the signaling pathways leading to ischemia-reperfusion injury and assess candidate treatments for preoconditioning/postconditioning: 2. To study regulation of chromatin remodeling, RNA polymerase II dynamics, and gene expression in cardiac, skeletal and smooth muscles. To test and characterize effects of epigenomic drugs in in vivo mouse disease models of heart failure. 3. To investigate the consequences of genetic mutations associated with cardiovascular diseases.