Dr. Hari Shanker Sharma

Dr. Hari Shanker Sharma
Department of Surgical Sciences, Uppsala University, Sweden


Hari Shanker Sharma, Director of Research (International Experimental Central Nervous System Injury & Repair, IECNSIR), University Hospital, Uppsala University is Professor of Neurobiology (MRC), Docent in Neuroanatomy (UU) and is currently affiliated with Department of Surgical Sciences, Division of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care Medicine, Uppsala University, Sweden. Hari Sharma was born on January 15, 1955 in an Industrialist town Dalmianagar (Bihar), India. He did his Bachelor of Science with Honors from the prestigious L. S. College Muzaffarpur in 1973 and secured 1st position in his batch. He obtained his Master Degree from Bihar University with special expertise in Cell Biology in 1976 and awarded Gold Medal of Bihar University for securing 1st potion in the 1st Class. Hari Sharma joined the group of Professor Prasanta Kumar Dey, a neurophysiologist by training in the Department of Physiology, Institute of Medical; Sciences, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi in 1977 to obtain Doctor of Philosophy Degree (D.Phil.) in Neurosciences and was awarded Ph.D. in 1982 on ?Blood-Brain Barrier in Stress.? Hari Sharma after carrying out a series of Government of India funded Research Projects on the BBB and brain dysfunction (1982?1987), joined the lab of Neuropathology at Uppsala University with Professor Yngve Olsson in 1988 to investigate passage of tracer transport across the BBB caused by stress or traumatic insults to the Brain and Spinal cord at light and electron microscopy. Dr. Sharma awarded the prestigious Alexander von Humboldt Foundation Fellowship of German Government (1989?1991) to work on hyperthermia induced BBB dysfunction at the ultrastructural level in the laboratory of Professor Jorge Cervós-Navarro (a living ?Legend in Neuropathology in Europe?). Dr. Sharma joined again Uppsala University and established a network of collaboration on ?Experimental CNS Injury Research Group? as a lead investigator with eminent collaborators in various parts of Europe, USA, and Australia (1991?). On his work on hyperthermia Dr. Sharma received the prestigious Neuroanatomy award ?Rönnows Research prize? of Uppsala University for ?best neuroanatomical research of the year 1996? followed by the Award of the Degree of Doctor of Medical Sciences of Uppsala University in Neuroanatomy in 1999 and selected for the Best Thesis Award of the Medical faculty, ?The Hwassers Prize? of 1999. On his meticulous works on the Blood Brain barrier and Brain edema (2000?2003) Dr. Sharma earned the prestigious title of ?Docent in Neuroanatomy? of Medical Faculty, Uppsala University in April 2004. Currently his main research interest is Neuroprotection and Neuroregeneration, in relation to the Blood-brain barrier in stress, trauma, and drugs of abuse in health and disease.

Research Interest

Nano technology and Nano medicine