Dr. Devika Chithrani

Dr. Devika Chithrani
Assistant professor, Department of Physics, Ryerson University, Canada


Dr. Devika Chithrani is an assistant professor in the Department of Physics at Ryerson University, Canada. She was awarded the faculty gold medal and gold medal for physics at her undergraduate convocation. Further pursuing her higher education in Canada, she received her MSc and PhD degrees from University of Toronto where she was supported by the prestigious NSERC, OGS, and OGGST fellowships. Dr. Chithrani completed her PhD research work at National Research Council, Canada and was granted an NSERC fellowship to continue her postdoctoral research in the field of nanobiotechnology. Dr. Chithrani has become a respected member of the science community as her scientific papers have received thousands of citations in a few years. To extend her work into the use of nanotechnology for cancer research, she joined the Princess Margaret Hospital in 2007. Dr.Chithrani?s extensive research has been both published and featured (on the cover) of the Journal of Radiation Research in 2010. She is currently directing the Nanoscience and Technology Development Laboratory at Ryerson University. Her research program is skillfully designed to improve the understanding of the bio-nano interface. Better knowledge of the nano-bio interface would lead to better tools for diagnostic imaging and therapy. Dr. Chithrani has earned a strong international reputation for her innovative research through her many review articles, book chapters, and invited presentations. She is editorial boards of many nanotechnology based journals.

Research Interest

Nanoscience and Technology