Dr. Abdulhamid Chaikh

Dr. Abdulhamid Chaikh
Department of Radiation Oncology and Medical physics, Grenoble University Hospital, France


Dr. Abdulhamid Chaikh, has completed his Ph.D at Joseph Fourier University (Grenoble-Alpes)- France. He was qualified for assistant professor position in French University. He is working as scientist for Medical Physics & Radiation Oncology and teaching in master degree at the medical school of Grenoble-Alpes University. He is also the local manager for the French National Research Agency project (ANR-11-TECS-0018) at Department of Radiation Oncology and Medical physics, University Hospital of Grenoble. He has published more than 17 papers in international journals and participated to over 23 national and international conferences. He is carrying out peer reviewed articles and serving as an editorial board member of the Journal of Case Reports in Oncology and Therapy. He is a member of American Association of Physics in Medicine, (AAPM) and American Association of Science and Technology, (AASCIT). His translational research interests are medical physics and radiotherapy. In particular, he focusses on the application of nanotechnology for medical physics and radiation oncology to develop a nano/µm-dosimeter for real time measurements. He was invited to make an oral presentation and attend the Nanotechnology congress & Expo, during August 11-13, 2015 Frankfurt, Germany. The presentation entitled ?Analysis by Monte-Carlo simulations of the characteristics of nano and micro dosimeters for real time measurements in radiotherapy and medical physics?. He also shared his research about ?The application of nanotechnology in radiation oncology and medical physics? for Conference on Physics & Engineering in Medicine October 11, 2015.

Research Interest

Biotechnologies, instrumentation, signaling and imaging for biology, medicine and the environment, Specialty Medical physics. Institutions: Joseph Fourier University, Grenoble. University Hospital Albert Michallon, Grenoble, Department of Radiation Oncology and Medical Physics