Dr. Wioletta Wujcicka

Dr. Wioletta Wujcicka
Assistant Professor in Center of Medical Laboratory Diagnostics and Screening, Poland


Wioletta Wujcicka became a master of biology, M.Sc., at the age of 23 years from University of Lodz, in Poland, winning ?Medal for Glorious Studies?. She has completed Ph.D. in medical sciences at the age of 28 years from Medical University of Lodz, in Poland. She performed her dissertation at the Department of Molecular Cancerogenesis, at the Medical University of Lodz. She was a scientific assistant at the Laboratory of Molecular Virology and Biological Chemistry, at the Polish Academy of Sciences in Lodz. Nowadays, she is an assistant professor at the Scientific Laboratory of the Center of Medical Laboratory Diagnostics and Screening, at the Polish Mother?s Memorial Hospital - Research Institute in Lodz. She is a member of several scientific societies including the European Society of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases. Her scientific papers are mainly related to genetic background of the infections with Toxoplasma gondii and human cytomegalovirus (HCMV).

Research Interest

DNA alterations,SNPs,Genetics,Molecular biology,Molecular diagnostics,Infectious diseases,Intrauterine infections,Congenital infections,Human cytomegalovirus,Cytomegaly,Toxoplasma gondii, Toxoplasmosis,Immune response,TLRs,Interleukins,Medical biology and Molecular oncology