Debapiya Mondal

Debapiya Mondal
School Of Environment And Life Sciences,University Of Salford,United Kingdom


Mondal is an environmental epidemiologist with >10 years? experience working in the area of environmental determinants of human health. She has successfully drawn on work from different fields of environmental sciences, with particular interest in effects of arsenic contamination on human health, biomarkers of arsenic exposure and identification of molecular and physiological mechanisms of arsenic toxicity. She has significant understanding of working in the rural areas of the Ganges river basin in India. Her contribution to arsenic research in West Bengal, India has had major societal impact, with results driving policy decisions and the development of a network involving research institutes, government representatives and NGOs responsible for mitigation measures. She is currently working on DST-UKIERI Thematic partnership funded project in collaboration with Indian partners investigating socio-demographic, lifestyle and dietary composition correlates in arsenic-exposed populations of Bihar in India. Recent research grant includes DST-RCUK-Newton Bhabha Funded FAR-GANGA project (Co-investigator) in collaboration with Indian and UK institutes

Research Interest

My research extends from field surveys to lab-based experimental studies and quantitative data analysis, principal research interests include - effects of environmental contaminants on human health - quantitative risk assessment, risk perception, environmental health policy making and settings of limits for controlling exposure to environmental contaminants - biological effects of contaminants and determination of factors that make some population more sensitive than others - molecular and physiological mechanisms of toxicity including cellular and sub-cellular biomarkers for contaminants