Bongsong Kim

Bongsong Kim
Noble Research Institute, USA


I am currently working for the Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation as a postdoc (Advisor: Dr. Patrick Zhao) since Aug. 2016. My previous career was made at Iowa State University as a postdoc between Oct. 2014 and Aug. 2016 (Advisor: Dr. William Beavis). My Ph.D. degree was earned for plant population genetics and breeding from University of Bonn, Germany in Aug. 2014 (Advisor: Dr. Jens Léon).

Research Interest

population genetics, algorithm evaluation, and software evaluation, you found me right. My extensive experiences cover (but do not limited to) kinship computation, Genome-wide association study, genomic prediction, breeding value prediction, pseudo genotype-to-phenotype data generation, genetic pattern analysis, and gene regulatory network.