Asmaa Nabil-Adam

Asmaa Nabil-Adam Asmaa Nabil-Adam
National Institute of oceanography and fisheries oceanography, Egypt


Asmaa Nabil Adam, Biochemist/Chemist graduated from chemistry/biochemistry department, Alexandria university faculty of science in 2002.worked in the biochemistry department, Alexandria university in 2006,and has been working in the national institute of oceanography and fisheries (NIOF) since 2009 , and one of the founder of marine biotechnology and natural products since .obtained my degree in marine biotechnology and natural products ,worked on several marine source from micro up to macro, experienced with marine natural products discovery in medical, industrial and agricultures application, from extraction up to identification and classification by different chemical incorporation also of Nano-application to improve the extract activity ,and molecular techniques and bioinformatics in order to investigate their activity in in vitro and in vivo (as antioxidant, anticancer ,anti-diabetics ?etc).participated in many national projects concerning monitoring in the marine field and other project in the national institute of oceanography and fisheries (NIOF).I?m member of many association

Research Interest

1.I focus now in genome mining and drug discovery through investigates and mining of bioactive responsible gene like polyketide PKS and non-ribosomal peptide gene NRPs and different metabolic pathways .also my interest mainly through metgenomic as many marine fungi and bacteria contain and have important bioactive are unculturable strains. Also I have focuse on detoxification of xenobiotic compounds using bioactive marine natural products 2. The Environmental and chemical toxicology resulted from different Xenobiotic compounds in marine environment using biomarkers ( antioxidant ,Ahr receptor, Cytochrome P450.etc) also at molecular level .