Arpan R Modi

Arpan R Modi
Department of Agricultural Biotechnology, Anand Agricultural University, Anand, Gujarat, India


? Ph. D. Plant Biotechnology : Anand Agricultural University, Anand in August, 2013 with a grade point of 7.4/10.00 basis ? M. Sc. Biochemistry : Anand Agricultural University, Anand in January, 2009 with a grade point of 6.39/10.00 basis ? B. Sc. Biochemistry : Gujarat University, Ahmedabad in May, 2005 with 57.71%

Research Interest

? DNA/RNA isolation, cDNA synthesis, qRT-PCR (with SYBR Green and Probe chemistry) for absolute and relative quantification, PCR based DNA fingerprinting techniques (RAPD, ISSR and SSR), isothermal amplification technique (LAMP), clonal fidelity testing, gender identification by PCR based technique ? Agrobacterium mediated transformation and plant tissue culture techniques ? Chromatographic techniques (TLC, HPLC), electrophoretic techniques (Agarose gel electrophoretic, Poly Acryl Amide Gel Electrophoresis) ? Research documentation, project proposal preparation and technical writing.