Anita Mani

Anita Mani Anita Mani
Director & Consultant IVF Specialist, Gyno Speciality Hospital, GIFT IVF Center, Cochin & Bangalore, India Director GIFT Wellness center, Ayurvedic center


Dr. Anita Mani is a renowned infertility specialist in India with 19 years experience in ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology). She completed MRCOG from Royal College of Obstetrician and gynecologist, London and worked in UK for 5 years. Dr. Anita has set up three IVF centers in south India - GIFT IVF Centre, Cochin and Bangalore, a Multi speciality hospital ? Gyno Speciality hospital in Cochin and an Ayurveda Hospital _ GIFT Wellness Centre. Apart from advanced laparoscopic surgeries, she is also an expert in various ART techniques including IVF, IUI, ICSI, donor egg / sperm, surrogacy and stem cell therapy. The First invocell (in vivo fertilsation) pregnancy in Kerala was achieved at GIFT IVF Centre. She introduced ERA (Endometrial receptivity assay) & NACE (Non invasive Analysis of chromosomal examination) in Bangalore. She conducts research on PCOS, ART and Stem Cells Therapy. She is author of papers in international journals. She is a regular speaker at national & international conferences. Writing blogs and articles for benefit of patient?s worldwide is her passion and she also works on PCOS awareness, by doing TV shows and by conducting classes in schools. Regular free camps are conducted in the clinics for infertility, PCOS and cancer screening in females. A Specialized PCOS clinic has been set up with an integrative medical care with Gynecologist, Counselor, dietician, physical trainer and a new PCOS Diary has been designed to help women with PCOS. Currently she is working on popularizing organic farming & Yoga, by providing organic farming experience and Yoga classes at these centers.

Research Interest

PCOS, ART, Stem Cell Therapy, Ayurvedic treatments

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