Ahmed Mostafa

Ahmed Mostafa
Ahmed Mostafa MD, MSc, PhD, is Director (in training) of ASHI Certified Histocompatibility, Training Program Tissue Typing Laboratory, Department of Pathology, Laboratory Medicine Calgary, Laboratory Services & at University of Calgary. He is a Member of American Society for Histocompatibility and Immunogenetics (ASHI), Canadian Society for Immunology, Beatrice Hunter Cancer Research Institute, European Association of Cancer Research, American Association of Cancer Research, Canadian Society for Life Science Research, Tumor Microenvironment Working Group and American Society of Clinical Oncology.


After Ahmed's graduation with a Medical School, he did his residency in medical and clinical Biochemistry. He pursued research on liver cancer, as it is one of the major causes of death among the Egyptians. He did 2 years fellowship at the Memorial University of Newfoundland ?Canada, where he studied a worldwide problem diabetes mellitus and complications. They published a paper in Molecular Cellular Biochemistry. As a result of the success of this research, he was accepted in the Immunology program in the same institution. He decided to work on breast cancer and immunity .During his Ph.D., he gained a significant amount of knowledge with regards the basic biology of cancer, tumor microenvironment and tumor immunity. He decided to start his postdoctoral in Cancer Immunotherapy and his proposed research was to establish the combination of PDL-1 blockade and sunitinib with reovirus in prostate, Kidney and breast cancer.

Research Interest

Clinical Pathology Histocompatibility Hematological Malignancy Immunology Cancer Research Immunotherapy Clinical Laboratory Diagnostics and Research