Ahmed Kadry

Ahmed Kadry
Managing Director of UPICC Comanu-Egypt.


I graduated from faculty of pharmacy Cairo University, Egypt in 1980. I completed my M.Sc. in pharmaceutics from the same faculty in 1996.I worked at many local and multinational pharmaceutical companies from 1980 to 2018 (5 years in Production, 20 years as Q A, R&D, Registration & Q C Manager and 6 years as Plant Manager). I published a number of research articles in peer reviewed international journal. Pharmaceutics is the area of research interest. I am a reviewer and member of the editorial board for many international pharmaceutical journals (KSA, USA, Spain & India) I have published three manuscripts (? PhD in pharmaceutics) at Indian Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences entitled (?Hassan AK. Effective surfactants blend concentration determination for O/W emulsion stabilization by two nonionic surfactants by simple linear regression. Indian J Pharm Sci 2015;77(4):461-69? and ?Hassan AK. New Accelerating Stability Testing Protocol for O/W Emulsions Stabilized by Nonionic Surfactants Including Storage Temperature Determination? Indian J Pharm Sci,2016;78(3):395-401? and ?Hassan AK. Assignment of Optimum Surfactants Blend and Right Oil Phase Concentration of Oil-in-water Emulsion? Indian J Pharm Sci 2018;80(2):334-341.

Research Interest

I worked as a consultant for the company of Civic trade corp. At 205 Curley Ct. Paramus, related to IVC Company, New Jersey in USA. I did all the necessary procedures and agreements with pharmaceutical companies to manufacture and package the civic company?s products and to carryout the procedures for registering the company?s products from 15/4/2001 to 13/11/2003. So, I can say that I have the scientific, practical and managerial experiences in all branches of pharmaceutical industries Production, QA, R&D, Registration, medical and regulatory affair including their documentations & QC Manager, in addition to, my practical, managerial experiences and skills as a Plant Manager for controlling engineering, warehouse, security and safety beside the other above mentioned departments.