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Day 1 August 16, 2018


Nano Biomaterials | Nano Materials Synthesis and Characterisation | Nano Sensors | Advanced

Nanomaterials | Nanotechnology and Biomedical Applications | Drug Delivery Research |

Nanomedicine | Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology

Session Chair

Anthony N. Papathanassiou

National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece

Session Co-Chair

Laura Oliveira-Nascimento

State University of Campinas, Brazil


Encapsulation of nanoparticles in composite gel microparticles for lung imaging and drug delivery

Robert K Prudhomme,

Princeton University, USA


Nanotechnology approaches for intensifying localized combination therapy for precision treatment of

early stage breast cancer

Patrick J.Sinko, Rutgers,

The State University of New Jersey


Attenuated protein toxins as intracellular nucleic acid delivery fibromyalgia and chronic pain vectors

Simon C W Richardson,

University of Greenwich, UK


Smart combination nanopreparations for cancer: Bringing drugs inside cells and to individual


Vladimir P Torchilin,

CPBN - Northeastern University, USA


Antibody-proteases as a novel biomarker and a unique target to suit translational tools to be applied

for biodesign, bioengineering and regenerative medicine therapeutic for a treatment of

EGFR-dependent breast cancer tumors

Sergey Suchkov,

Sechenov University, Russia

Session Introduction