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Ergonomics & Human factors 2018

Archives of Medicine

ISSN: 1989-5216

Page 26

July 26-27, 2018

Rome, Italy



Edition of International Conference on

Ergonomics &

Human Factors


he role of ergonomic design is crucial in raising living

standards and optimizing conditions. In this respect, it

should be taken into consideration that starting from the design

stage of every kind of product, it is the person who takes part in

or benefits from all processes up to the stage of production and

use. Therefore, products and environment should be produced

and designed according to human, machine and environment

relationship. In order to achieve this harmony and relationship,

human characteristics must be known. The harmony and

alignment of the workplace and all its elements with the worker

is only possible through correctly designed workstations.

In this respect, by providing a good harmony between the

worker and the work, it is possible to improve job efficiency

by preventing the wear and tear of the human being from the

difficulties while working. By providing the desired harmony

between occupation and worker, it can be ensured that the

workers are directed to tasks where the individuals can best

use their abilities. For all these reasons, business organization

is very important from an ergonomic point of view. It is not

sufficient that a worker is placed within a human-machine

production system only from a volume perspective. At the

same time, the worker should be able to move easily in order

to be able to carry out different tasks at work. In order for the

mobile worker to be able to perform tasks with specific organs,

there is a need for a certain functional volume. The controlling

units of the machines used must also be included in this

volume. The placement of machine controlling units within the

volume around the worker, in other words positions, distances,

force requirements and frequency of use should be determined

by making use of the anthropometric characteristics of the

human being. The purpose of ergonomic workstation design

is to ensure that workplace measurements conform to human

body measurements. For this purpose, the suitability of the

workstations of the companies in the ready-made clothing

sector, which is one of the most important sectors of Turkey,

in terms of ergonomic design, is very important. In this

respect, the aim of this study is to evaluate the ergonomic

design of the workstations in the ready-made clothing sector.

In this study, workstations of 250 large-scale ready-made

clothing companies under the Turkish Union of Chambers and

Commodity Exchanges, which actively worked in 2017-2018,

were examined and evaluated in terms of ergonomic design.

As a result of the examinations, some solution proposals

have been developed in terms of correct ergonomic design of



Ozlem Kaya completed her degree in 2004 and her masters degree on the

topic of the Analysis of Branding Level of Small Scale Firms in Leather Cloth-

ing Industryat University in 2008. She asserted her PhD thesis which was

on the topic of the Effects of Supply, Production and Logistics Activities of

Textile Clothing firms in Turkey on National CompetitionDr. Kaya has been

continuing her academic career at Hitit University since 2009. She acted as

a subject expert for various commissions/universities and also as paper

setter and evaluator of different institutes/universities. Dr. Kaya has a lot of

articles which were published in national and international journal. She is the

member of Association of Turkish Ergonomics.

[email protected]

Ergonomic design of workstations: Turkey ready-made

clothing sector case

Özlem Kaya

Hitit University, Turkey

Özlem Kaya, Arch Med 2018, Volume 10

DOI: 10.21767/1989-5216-C1-002