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Jaime Fandino-Franky

Jaime Fandino-Franky
Neurosurgeon, Karolinska Institute- Karolinska University, Stockholm, Sweden
Neurosurgeon: Karolinska Institute- Karolinska University. Stockholm. Sweden.Observership in Hospital Administration. Millington Naval Hospital. Tennessee. USA. Founder of Neurosurgical departament. Cartagena University. Colombia. Founder of Neurological Hospital devoted to Epilepsy Surgery and research in brain fuctions. Colombian League against Epilepsy. Cartagena. Colombia. Founder of Colombian League Against Epilepsy 1964. Founder of Fundación Instituto de Rehabilitación de Personas con Epilepsia (FIRE) 1970 Professor Cartagena University. Colombia.Distinguished Professor in Neurosurgery. Cartagena University. Colombia Corresponding Member. The American Association of Neurological Surgeon since 1972. President Colombian Neurosurgical Society 1994-1996 Founder of programs in Epilepsy Surgery in Colombia.President and founder of Foundation National Award in Epilepsy Margaret Merz de Fandiño. Leader in the Law Proyect for protecting people with epilepsy. Now Law #1414. November 11th 2010. Activ member Colombian National Academy of Medicine. Since 2004. International Ambassador Award. ILAE- IBE Distinguish Professor . Cartagena University. Cartagena. Colombia. Many published papers about Epilepsy, neurophysiology neuropharmacology and epilepsy surgery in national and intertational Journals Full Member of Colombian National Academy of Medicine. Latin American Summer School on Epilepsy (LASSE) 2013. Sao Paulo-Brasil. “To Professor Jaime Fandiño-Franky, visionary master in the Surgery of epilepsy, rehabilitation and in the social aspects for people with epilepsy in Latin America.

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