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Caterina Faggio

Caterina Faggio
Professor, Department of Biological and Environmental Science. University of Messina. Viale Ferdinando, Stagno d Alcontres 31, 98166 S. Agata-Messina Italy.
Education: July 1983: Diploma of Secondary School - Liceo Scientifico ?A. Volta?, Reggio Calabria Italy; October 1987: ?Laurea cum laude? in Biology, Institute of Physiology and Pharmacology;University of Messina, Italy May 1989: - Qualifying Exam as Biology, University of Messina, Italy CAREER/EMPLOYMENT: December 1988 to June1990: - Postgraduate Course in Aquaculture and Biology of Fishing, University of Messina, Italy January 1991 to May 2000: Technician Officer in the Institute of Physiology- University of Messina, Italy May 2000 to the present: Researcher/Assistent professor in the Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences-University of Messina, Italy February 2013 to the present: Contact person for International Relationship RESEARCH FIELDS Studies on the mechanisms of osmoregulation and acid secretion in fish gastrointestinal tract by electrophysiology. Studies on cell volume regulation in fish intestine and Mytilus galloprovincialis digestive cells by videometric method. Studies on the effects of environmental contaminants and food additives on salt transport in teleost intestine. Studies on the relationship between changes in circadian rhythms and oxidative stress in sheep, cattle and horses. Studies on the mechanisms responsible of the eryptosis (apoptosis of human red blood cells). Studies on the haematological and serological parameters in seawater teleosts that dwell in different habitat: lake, sea and fish farm. Studies on the mechanism of ionic transport in experimental models of ischemia-reperfusion injury in rats by electrophysiology. Studies on the characterization of gene targeted mice lacking functional KCNQ1 (KCNQ1). Studies physiology of the cells belonging to immune system, such as mast and dendritic cells. Studies of cytotoxicity of algal extracts on hemocytes of Mytilus galloprovincialis, erythrocytes of mammal and fish, on Mytilus galloprovincialis hepatopancreas and fish hepatocytes Studies the cytotoxicity on human erythrocytes and haemolysis test of chemistry compounds. Studies on the immunostimulators effects on performance di Solea senegalensis. Studies of oxidative stress markers and health status in Mytilus galloprovincialis and teleost fish after exposition to the xenobiotics (heavy metals, pesticides, detergents). MEMBERSHIP S.I.B.S (Italian Society of Experimental Biology, President of Messina Section). S.I.F. (Italian Society of Physiology) CoNISMa (Consorzio Nazionale Interuniversitario per le Scienze del Mare) ADVISORY BOARD Journal of Coastal Life Medicine (JCLM), Editorial Directors Journal of Biological Research Communications SM Journal of Environmental Toxicology Research Journal of Pharmacognosy (RJP) Insights in Aquaculture and Biotechnology TEACHING ACTIVITY Course of Physiopatology, Master?s Degree in Biology Course of Cellular Physiology in Accademic Degree in Applied Animal Experimental Science Tutor of Bachelor and Master?s degrees Supervisor of PhD students SCIENTIFIC AWARDS Grant for Lifelong Learning Program (ERASMUS) to the Institute of Physiology-University of Tubingen (Germany) May 2010; Grant for Lifelong Learning Program (ERASMUS) to the Department of Ecophysiolgy, Biochemistry and Toxicology-University of Antwerp (Belgium) May 2011; Grant for Lifelong Learning Program (ERASMUS) to the Laboratoire Aragó- Avenue du Fontaulé-F66650 Banyuls/Mer Cedex (France) May-June 2012; Grant for Lifelong Learning Program (ERASMUS) to the Institute for Experimental Pathology University of Reykjavik (Iceland) June 2013; Grant for Lifelong Learning Program (ERASMUS) to the Departamento de Biologia Celular e Histologia Facultad De Biologia- University of Murcia (Spain) June 2014; Grant for Lifelong Learning Program (ERASMUS) to the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry-University of Brno (Czech Republic) June 2015; Grant for Lifelong Learning Program (ERASMUS) to the Department de Medicina da Universidade de Lisboa (Portugal) June 2016; Grant for Lifelong Learning Program (ERASMUS) to the Department la Dept. of Pharmacology with Pharmacodynamics Medical University of Lublin (Poland) May 2016.
Research Interest
Biology, Environmental Science

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