AS Khanna

AS Khanna AS Khanna

AS Khanna
Department of Metallurgical Engineering and Materials Science,
IIT Bombay,


Dr. A.S.Khanna is the Professor at Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, India with responsibility for teaching, research and consultancy in the field of corrosion, coatings, surface engineering and corrosion management. Prof. Khanna received Ph.D from in Metallurgy from Madras University in 1987. Prior to joining IIT Bombay, Prof. Khanna worked in Atomic Energy at Kalpakkam. He has won several International Awards such as Humboldt Fellowship from Germany, Royal Norwegian Fellowship from Norway, Fellow of Japan Key Centre and worked as visiting Professor in Germany, and France. He has to his credit 21 Ph.d’s in various subjects on Corrosion and Surface Engineering, 110 masters and B.Tech projects. He has written two books and edited 4. He has published more than 300 papers in several International and national Journals. In addition, he serves as Chairman for SSPC India, and is a member of NACE and ASM was recently honored with the NACE Fellow and ASM Fellow for his contributions to the work in corrosion and coatings. He has written two books and edited 4 books..

Research Interest

His professional interests focus on Coatings, Industrial corrosion prevention, surface engineering, high temperature materials, corrosion protection of rebars in concrete structures and his current projects include development of smart coatings and nano-technology for enhancing paint coatings.

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