Ruxandra Folostina

Ruxandra Folostina

Ruxandra Folostina
University of Bucharest
Faculty of Psychology
expert psychologist

Ruxandra Foloştină psychologist with right of free practice, specialist psychologist, certified professional under the Law no.213 / 2004, Educational Psychology specialization. It graduated from the University of Bucharest, Faculty of Psychology, graduated in 2004. Doctor of Psychology Faculty of Psychology at the University of Bucharest, 2011. titular teacher of the Faculty of Psychology of the University of Bucharest , the subjects: language programs and augmentative communication, pedagogical research methodology, special education management. Specialist clinical assessment and intervention to people with special needs. Visiting professor at the University of Limerick (Ireland) and the University of Barcelona (Spain). As skills, expertise level cognitive intelligence, emotional intelligence, level of socio-emotional maturation. Assessment of behavior, including the level of aggression (physical, verbal, impulsivity), personality, self-esteem and image, etc.
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