Gábor Lente

Gábor Lente Gábor Lente

Gábor Lente
University of Debrecen


Positions held

2001- faculty member at the Department of Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry, University of Debrecen, Hungary: o junior faculty member (2001-2004) o assistant professor (2004-2010) o associate professor (2010-) o full professor (2015-)

Education and Scientific Titles

2013 Doctor of Science degree (Hungarian Academy of Science) • 2008 Habilitation (University of Debrecen) • 2001 Ph.D. graduation • 1997 M.Sc. degree in chemistry • 1997 degree of English-Hungarian translator in chemistry

Teaching Experience

'General Chemistry': lecture, seminar and laboratory practice for first-year chemistry, chemical engineer, bioengineer, and phramaceutics students (both in English and Hungarian).

'Complex Equilibria': optional laboratory practice for advanced undergraduate chemistry students.

'Analytical Chemistry': laboratory practice for second-year chemistry and pharmaceutics students (both in English and Hungarian).

'Introduction to Chemistry': laboratory practice for first-year biology and environmental science students.

'Instrumental Analysis' laboratory practice for second-year chemistry students.

'Modern Molecular Science for Everyone' optional lecture course for all university students and a special version of the course for chemistry teachers.

'Chemistry Problems in High-School Competitions' seminar for chemistry teachers.

'Problem-Oriented Analytical Chemistry' optional lecture course for MSc chemistry students.

Research Interest

Kinetics of reactions of sulfur-containing inorganic species
Kinetics of oxidation of organic impurities
Application of stochastic kinetics.