Dr. Harish Handral

Dr. Harish Handral Dr. Harish Handral

Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery,
Faculty of Dentistry,
National University of Singapore.


Pursuing PhD in Stem cell Research and tissue engineering. Aiming towards the development of pluripotent stem cell based in vitro vascularized tissue constructs for drug discovery and drug testing, under the supervision of A/P.Cao Tong, National University of Singapore, Singapore. One year of research experience in Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore, India. Experience was in the field of Glycine based Nano-Biosensors for the application of DNA-detection and also on the developing hydroxyapatite nano-particle and hydrogel based tissue engineered constructs for drug discovery, drug delivery and more focus on developing osteoporosis model under the supervision of Dr. H N Vasan. [July 2011 to August 2012]. Research work during post-graduation, in vitro evaluation of pharmacognostic, phytochemical and anti-microbial properties of extracts from Murraya Koeingii against pathogenic bacteria was carried under the supervision of Dr.Shruthi S.D., Bangalore, India.

Research Interest

Human embryonic stem cells, Regenerative medicine, Tissue engineering, Organogenesis, 3D culture, Epithelial Biology, Vascular Biology, Neuro biology, Artificial Intelligence, Genetic engineering, Dermatology, Bio-nanotechnology, Bio-medicine, Medical Microbiology.