Venkatesha, Shivaprasad H

Venkatesha, Shivaprasad H Venkatesha, Shivaprasad H
Postdoctoral Fellow Immunology University of Maryland


As a postdoctoral fellow at University of Maryland, Baltimore, I started working on a project focused on immune modulation of adjuvant arthritis, an experimental model of rheumatoid arthritis (RA), by an herbal product belonging to traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). I rapidly acquired knowledge in relevant areas of immunology along with training in experimental cellular immunology and molecular biology to address challenging issues in the pathogenesis and treatment of autoimmune arthritis. worked extensively on purification of proteins, biophysical and biochemical characterization of purified proteins including active site determination, chemical modification and protein-protein interaction.

Research Interest

Autoimmune diseases, T cell biology, cytokines, natural products and therapeutic interventions