Tian Zhou

Tian Zhou
Private own high-tech company, Shenzhen, China.


Dr. Tian Zhou received his doctoral degree from Dartmouth College, NH, USA in 2011. In the pursuit of his degree, his research focus was on retrieving dielectric properties of biological tissues both in vivo and in vitro. His work provided insights in the real tissue properties in the closest setting of a living environment. He participated in building the world’s first 3D microwave tomographic imaging (MTI) machine for clinical use. Dr. Zhou worked on multiple NIH and NSF projects which involved multi-modality imaging and measurement, such as MRI, bone ultrasound, MTI and micro-CT. Dr. Zhou is currently with a private own high-tech company in China. His primary responsibility is electromagnetic simulation and measurement. He received the senior engineer (SE) title in 2013. He is now a senior member in the Chinese Institute of Electronics (CIE).

Research Interest

Dr. Tian Zhou dedicated his PhD study to in vivo and in vitro investigation of dielectric properties of human tissues. He participated in building the world’s first microwave tomographic imaging system for clinical use. The instrumentation is used for noninvasively monitoring dielectric profile changes in human breasts for patients with breast cancer. Multi-modality imaging and measurement was also carried out to study properties with different clinical values and the correlation among these properties. Post graduation Dr. Zhou’s research switched to wireless communication and measurement. His research focus is on electromagnetic simulation and measurement. He is especially interested in improving the accuracy of the measurement, from simple material test to sophisticated system evaluation. Dr. Zhou’s research interest now is the integration of engineering technology and human themselves. One case in point is wearable devices. Human body is the most sophisticated machine ever created in the world. It will be beneficial to add cutting edge technology to human being for higher working efficiency and better life. On the other side, human body is like a gold mine under explored. It is the engineers’, especially biomedical engineers’, job to further exploit these mysteries and utilized them.