Thomas Ryzlewicz

Thomas Ryzlewicz
Clinical Nephrologist, Germany


Nephrologist, working in dialysis centres since 42 years. Mechanical background ? handled many prototypes of dialysis supply systems (> later on named monitors), e.g. hemofiltration, AFB, continuous treatments for ICU, the real (2-step) online-hemofiltration ? prototypes 1983-85 with 20(!) ultrafilters. Then the first online-monitor in Germany of today (1993), dialysis fluid with citrate acidification in order to prevent the calcification in the prescription of the classical dialysis fluid (acidification with 3 mmol/l acetate). With 2 partners (one engineer of bio-physics and one dialysis economist), we realized an own bloodline for haemodialysis with very reduced contact between blood & air, in order to reduce the sheer-stress to the red blood cells in the single fibre capillary of the dialyzer. > EU patent, US patent, patent user (Effeemme SpA in Cigliano / Milano), pilot study at King?s College, London (2012), PEMA Audit (from London 2014), product ?Oxyless?, results: big EPO dosage reduction by longer survival of the patient?s own RBC?s, committed by Ian MacDougall (King?s College). Otherwise, I am a real clinical nephrologist.

Research Interest

dialysis, single fibre capillary