Rosivaldo S. Borges

Rosivaldo S. Borges
Universidade Federal do Para, Rua Augusto Correa, 1 - Guama, Belem - PA, Brazil


I am Rosivaldo S. Borges, medicinal chemistry professor in Universidade Federal do Pará (an Amazon Brazilian University). Today, I work as senior research fellowship of Brigham Young University in Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Provo-UT/USA (2014-2016). I have Ph.D thesis in Biochemical-Pharmacology (2003-2007), Post-doctoral fellowship in Universidade de São Paulo (south-west Brazilian University) in Quantum Chemistry and Medicinal Chemistry (2011-2013). Master degree in Organic synthesis (1997-2000) and Graduation in Pharmacy (1991-1995) in Universidade Federal do Pará.

Research Interest

I have expertise in drug design, molecular modeling, structure and activity relationship, theoretical calculations of molecular structure, design and development and biological activity of antioxidants, anticancer and anti-inflammatory drugs, theoretical molecular mechanism, and ADMETox properties of drugs and molecules. I have performed some biological assays of synthesized organic compounds through antimicrobial activity, cytotoxic assays, cell culture for cytoprotective and anti-inflammatory drugs.